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We have now completed the first part of our trial and I would like to thank all who come through the College at drop off and pick up for your support, patience and assistance. As stated in our previous communication, the first day of the trial was a little confusing as everyone experienced the new road directions and layout for the first time.

It is becoming evident that the mornings are much better while the afternoons are only marginally so. The afternoons are heavily impacted by the Great Northern Highway where the traffic flow is beyond our control. I am meeting with Main Roads on a regular basis as this trial proceeds and I now have a much clearer picture of the impact of the highway in the afternoons and will be making recommendations as we work through the trial.

We are confident that over the next two weeks you will become more familiar with the new layout thus more confident in knowing exactly what route works best for you within the College.

An updated traffic trial map is included together with other useful information.

Updated Traffic Trial Map

Some Suggestions that may help

After you have entered the College you have the choice of turning right into the limestone road or proceeding straight ahead around the curve on the sealed road. The following FAQ explains the benefits of each option.

Why would you choose to turn right into the limestone road?


  • The entire west side (left hand side) of the limestone road is now a new drop off and pickup area. It’s a convenient opportunity for you to drop off your children, and then proceed to exit the College.
  • If you intend to park within the College grounds, turning into the limestone road also allows you to locate a parking spot along the entire east side (right hand side) of the limestone road, or further ahead in the sealed road parking area.
  • Turning into the limestone road is a good option if you are intending ultimately to exit right from the college, as it positions your vehicle in the appropriate (right hand) lane

Why would you continue straight ahead on the sealed road?


  • There are now two available drop off areas which are located after the first pedestrian crossing.
  • If you have Junior School students only you can travel along the length of this road, turn right at the end, and then drop off your children immediately after the pedestrian crossing (in front of the Junior School library).
  • Continuing straight ahead is a good option if you are intending ultimately to exit left from the College, as it allows you to position your vehicle in the appropriate (left hand) lane. 


Negotiating your way through the college:

  • Please continue to be courteous, and where possible be considerate of those who are wanting to merge into your lane.
  • Please travel no faster than the maximum speed of 20kph within the College grounds. The two lanes are moving traffic more quickly but reduce the visibility for drivers and pedestrians.
  • When choosing which route to take through the College please plan ahead, as far in advance as possible, to ensure that you are in the appropriate lane to exit the college. Please don’t leave it until the last minute to decide to change lanes as this causes blockages and frustration for the vehicles behind you.

Again, I reiterate my thanks to all of you who have been part of the trial process.  Your constructive feedback is most valuable.


Mr Adrian Scott

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