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The Early Learning Centre had a group of unusual visitors from the Australian bush last term.

The WestOz Wildlife Park zookeepers Kendall and Karis introduced us to four of their buddies; Keira the koala, Yappa the dingo, Barry the blue tongue lizard and Rambo the carpet python.

The students learned a range of facts about each animal as they were introduced separately. They learned about the basic dietary requirements of each animal, where they live and why they look the way they do. We also got to spend time touching and feeling them and looking at them eye to eye. We started by discussing the habits and environmental needs of each species. We then investigated their habitats and discovered ways to protect them. We talked about their special features that help them survive in the wild, the names of their offspring, how they feed them and how long they stay with their mothers. We then most importantly discussed Snake safety and how to protect ourselves if we see one.


What an amazing opportunity to have them visit our classroom!


Bailey – “I loved patting the dingo! He was so furry, and I didn’t know he could jump so high.”

Leora – “Koalas have two thumbs and three fingers.”

Van – “I liked seeing the lizard walking, he likes strawberries”

Ollie – “The snake felt hard and cold”

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