Year 1 Kings Park Excursion

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Last week the Year 1 students travelled to Kings Park to discover plants and animals in the park through a bushland mystery. 

They were bush detectives for the day and learnt about the parts of plants and animals; the needs of plants and animals in bushland; and some of the ways plants and animals work together. After recording their observations, the students drew conclusions and helped to solve the mystery of the disappearing seeds. They identified the parts of plants and their functions, a number of animals that live in the Perth bushland and the external features of five bushland animals, and recognised the needs of plants and animals in the bush.  

The students enjoyed the Flora Explorer activities that required them to use their senses to explore the park. They identified the natural, man-made and managed features of the park and had opportunities to play on the wonderful playgrounds, explore wide open spaces of the park and then worked together under the trees to consolidate their learning in Geography and Science.  

It was a wonderful day for all and a very valuable hands-on learning experience for our students.

Ms Heidi Wyllyams
Year 1 Teacher

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