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As part of the Living Well program, the Year 11 students are spending a lot of time focusing on ‘Leadership and Community’ this year.

We have been working on developing the leadership skills of our students, looking at how they work as part of a team. This includes the idea of being a great follower. While we want all the students to lead, when we find ourselves following another, how do we do that with distinction?

We have begun this year, specifically, with student-led, team building. Bell House has run a sensational first session: running a volleyball tournament for the whole Year 11 cohort. They organised the activity, sorted the equipment, sound and music, compered the event and set an excellent tone for those to run activities later in the year. While only a handful of students had the leadership role, it was well supported by the Year 11 student body. While staff were asked to support the planning if necessary, students took it upon themselves to navigate the process and achieved a terrific outcome.

When the time comes to select our student leadership team for 2021, we will have a very hard task on our hands indeed.


Dave Pitman

Dean of Year 11

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