Year 11 Rocket Launching

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As part of the Year 11 Integrated Science curriculum myself and five students had the opportunity to make rockets – I’m not talking about those bottle rockets, (although we did that too), but we made genuine rockets (on a small scale) that were launched with solid fuel.

It wasn’t all just for fun though, the reason we launched them was to see how weight effected the flight time of the rocket.

The way we built the rockets isn’t so easy to explain, basically we were given a model rocket kit with a set of instructions and some spray paint to decorate them. It took around two lessons to fully complete the rockets and two to launch. The results of the launch varied, one rocket worked better than the other, but over all the the process was a success. 

Thanks Mr Tweedie for the opportunity to make these rockets and for the fun time we had launching. 

Alexa Coleman 
Year 11 Student 

Year 11 Rocket Launch from Swan Christian College on Vimeo.

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