Year 2 Science Alive Incursion

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The Year 2 classes were treated to a visit from Mick of the Science Alive program. All eyes were on Mick as he looked at the different properties of a variety of sports balls.

After deciding if each ball was hard or soft, smooth or fluffy, light or heavy, the students tested out the balls to see which one bounced the best.

 Students were entranced as Mick spoke about the properties of water and how it appears in different forms. They were in awe of him taking a balloon for a walk and when he blew giant bubbles which could rest on his hand without popping! 

This Term the students will learn about the properties of different materials and why they are used for different purposes. They will discover that some materials can be mixed together while others cannot. Stay tuned for more mysteries of materials to be solved throughout the term!

Year 2 Teachers
Miss Bampton and Miss Stallo


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