Year 2s Meet a Megalodon Shark

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Year 2 have been very engaged in our dinosaur and rock inquiries this term and were very excited to go on our adventure to the Boola Bardip Museum last Thursday. Did you know that Boola Bardip means ‘many stories’? Some of our favourite things to see were the dinosaurs. The brontosaurus was bigger than our classroom! We were also very impressed with the Megalodon shark. Megalodons were three times bigger than a great white shark and it is no wonder that their name means ‘big tooth’.  


What a surprise we had to see a rainbow in the middle of the museum. It was right next to the Bungle Bungles. We recognised that the Bungle Bungles are made of Metamorphic and sedimentary rock. After we had finished at the museum, we went to Kings Park for a play. It was a day full of fun!


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