Year 5 Camp and Adventure Day

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Our Year 5s enjoyed a busy couple of weeks, with the highlights being Year 5 Camp and a fun Adventure Day.

On day one of camp, the students caught a ferry to Penguin Island and experienced penguin feeding at the Discovery Centre. Later that day, they participated in stand up paddle boarding, rock climbing, archery and raft building, before devotions and bedtime. Day two continued with the same activities (on different rotations) before the group made their way back to the College.

“The things we really enjoyed about Year 5 camp were that there were lots of fun activities including rock climbing, stand up paddle boarding, raft building and archery. One of our favourite parts was Penguin Island. At Penguin Island, we explored the beach, finding a wild penguin between lots of rocks. Furthermore, we went to a penguin show where the penguins were brought in and fed. In addition it was a spectacular camp trip.”

By Taleah and Alyssa, Year 5

At Adventure Day, the students challenged themselves on an obstacle course, team-building games, flying fox and crate stacking at Swan Valley Adventure Centre.

Year 5s, looks like you had a great day!





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