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It was with much excitement and anticipation that the Year 5 students boarded the bus for the annual Year 5 Camp at the Ern Halliday Recreation Camp in Hillarys. 

During the three-day camp adventure students participated in a range of team, sports and adventure activities which included archery, beach team building, a pump BMX track activity as well as using the “Flying Fox”.

It was a wonderful experience, where both students and staff alike strengthened their relationships and were challenged to try new things as they built upon important life skills related to resiliency, independence and leadership.

“It all started at home packing my bag. Even that was exciting. On the way to school I was so nervous, Mum and I ended up arriving 45 minutes early because I live in Toodyay I was scared I would miss the bus. When we arrived at camp we were so excited and noisy. I got the top bunk and Jacko got the bottom. We were split into groups, the group I was in got to do archery first. Poor Mrs Wagner missed the whole board over and over and again! Mrs Wagner felt embarrassed but, then she got a BULLSEYE! We all cheered. Then the group swapped activities and we went to the flying fox, it was fantastic! The food at camp was so delicious! My favourite thing about camp was the Pump bike track and I made great new friends. The worst thing about camp was when I got homesick. Thank you Mrs Wagner for being so kind to me. Thank you teachers for taking us to camp!” – James Oremek (5A)

“Year 5 camp was an amazing experience. We got to do activities like BMX, archery, beach games and we even went down a flying fox. I shared a dormitory with the girls in 5A. The food there was amazing –  you got a choice of cereal or yogurt for breakfast, then morning tea, then lunch, then afternoon tea, finally dinner but don’t forget about the dessert – we had apple crumble and cream on the first night then jelly on are last night. Year five camp was so much fun!” – Cordelia Williamson (5A)

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