Year 6 Shark Tank Competition

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On Wednesday 20 November, students in Year 6 presented their inventions and ideas that aim to address issues that could help us in the future. The students presented their creative ideas to a panel of ‘Sharks’ or parent volunteers.

After their presentations, the panel asked questions to our finalists about how their ideas would address scarcity, consider trade-offs and potentially make a profit, should they select to potentially invest in their model. The competition was so close that two groups were selected by our ‘Sharks’ as winners. A special thank you to our parent sharks for taking the time, asking thoughtful questions and providing encouragement to our future scientists.


‘Tent in a Suitcase’ by Reece, Matthew, Eva and Rose

“For our shark tank idea, our group decided to do a suit case tent for the homeless. The reason we chose this is because we thought of homeless people and how hard it must be for them to sleep at night on the cold freezing streets. We researched our idea and found that there are already some tents in bags but we thought, ‘What if they’re old or have back problems and can’t carry their stuff?’ So, that’s why we came up with the idea of a suit case tent for the homeless.” – Reece

‘Anti-pollution Masks’ by Neve, Madelyne and Ava

“This Term we were given a task to create a future business plan for Shark tank. Our group members are Neve, Madelyne and myself (Ava). I think our Anti-pollution mask will do good things in the future. I also think that people in China, Arabia and people around the world suffering with pollution would like this because it will save them from lots of diseases, lung cancer and a higher risk of asthma. It is futuristic model because our mask includes nanotechnology unlike other masks currently on the market. We also used a Nanofibrous alumina filter which removes negatively charged contaminants such as viruses, bacteria, and organic and inorganic colloids at a faster rate than conventional filters.” – Ava

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