Year 7s Learn about Homelessness

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Our Year 7s had the privilege to participate in a workshop where they gained a deeper understanding of the factors causing homelessness. Through role-playing, the students were able to empathise with those on the fringe of our society.

Swan Christian College has had a long and fruitful relationship with the Salvation Army through our Super Souper’s program and the seminars which help our students understand the marginalised in our community.

The guest presenters from the Salvation Army were able to explain to the students the many services they offer to those in need.  The main point was that to address the needs of the homeless they need to offer a ‘hand up’ as they give a ‘hand out’. Year 7 students were motivated to bring positive change to the world around them and consider how they might become better citizens through working with and supporting agencies such as the Salvation Army.

Through their Christian Living classes, the Year 7 students will have the opportunity to provide canned food and toiletries as a part of the Salvation Army winter appeal. There is also the option of filling a bag with clothing donations which can be sold through the Salvation Army stores. These bags will raise $5 each, which will go toward the monthly street outreach program that Swan Christian College will be doing in partnership with the Salvation Army in the coming months.

Here are a few comments from year 7 students who participated in the workshops.

“The Salvation Army workshop was fun and taught me an important lesson about the poor. Sleeping Rough would be really hard …” – Jessica R

“I learned that anything can happen to you and you end up on the street, but you can get help from people like the Salvation Army. I think the experience was worthwhile because it teaches you about how people live and what some have gone through and what the Salvation Army can do for you.” – Jodie S

“I think that it was definitely worthwhile because if had not learnt about these things than we would not have known about it. I actually thought that the presentation was quite well done.” – Trent H




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