Year 8s Build Character and Teamwork Skills

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Team Challenge Day for our Year 8s was held recently at the Swan Valley Adventure Centre. This was a fun day with activities aimed at building our students’ character and teamwork, which is part of our Living Well program.

Throughout the Living Well program in Year 8, students not only grow physically but also grow in spirituality, knowledge, culture and relationships. As students grow, we emphasise the concept of individuals living in community. We invite students to not only learn our culture but invest in and contribute to it. Greater than self is our ability to use our gifts for the benefit of others.

The Team Challenge Day was physically demanding and built our students’ leadership and teamwork skills. Activities included crate stacking, ladder climbing, dodgeball, a commando course and capture the flag, which was run by Mr Dallin. For the crate stacking activity, mentor groups needed to work together to get two of their classmates on top of as many crates as possible. This required teamwork and planning for the crate stackers to get crates up big heights. It also took courage from the people at the top of the crate tower when it got higher. 

It was an amazing experience filled with joy and fun. This experience helped us to make challenging life choices, and work as a team. The Year 7s are planning to go through this amazing experience next year!


Oliver G and Liam H
Year 8 Students





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