Yearbook 2022 has arrived

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Yearbook 2022 is here, printed and ready to be distributed to 2022 students next week! Yearbook 2022 is packed with memories and stories from the events that took place throughout the school year. From sporting and artistic achievements to academic successes, the yearbook captures it all.

For the Year 12 graduates, there will be a special morning tea held next Monday 13 March at 10:30am where they can pick up their copy of the yearbook. This event will be an opportunity for the students to reflect on their time at school and celebrate their accomplishments with their peers. If any Year 12 graduate cannot make it to the morning tea for work or study reasons, they or their family member is welcome to pick up their copy of the yearbook at Senior School Student Services over the next few weeks.

Each family who has had a child enrolled at Swan Christian College in 2022 will be given a yearbook and this will be distributed to the oldest child in each family.

Thank you Mrs Cheryl Long who with the support of the SCC Advancement team worked tirelessly to produce this spectacular publication. Yearbook 2022 is of the highest quality, features beautiful artwork from students and has received high levels of praise from professionals in the Print industry.

Overall, Yearbook 2022 is an important publication that showcases the hard work and dedication of the entire school community. We look forward to seeing the smiles on the faces of the students as they flick through their copies.

Yearbook 2022 is sure to be a keepsake that the students will treasure for years to come.


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