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Day 3Today began with an early morning start at 6am. Once we had finished our knock-off corn flakes, we embarked on a safari adventure.

After an hour of driving through the African land, we reached the border of Zambia and Botswana and waited for our passports to be stamped before getting on a ferry across the river, followed by another bus ride. Finally we arrived at the Chobe Safari Lodge, where we divided into groups to get onto open-sided safari land cruisers. We spent a couple of hours peeling our eyes for the majestic creatures of the African animal kingdom, and were delighted to witness the beauty of the Elephants, Turtles, Hippos, Crocodiles, Buffalos, Baboons, Impalas and much more. This was followed by a spectacular buffet lunch at the lodge. After we had stuffed ourselves stupid, we went back into the outdoors for some animal viewing on the boat, where we got up close and personal with hippos and crocodiles.

Then the long journey home where we were surprised to see the shops closed, much to our dismay as we were counting on food for all our meals tomorrow, so this problem has struck us right in the gutso. Africa – 1  Us – 0. We are currently sitting by the hotel pool enjoying the company of mosquitos, who have welcomed us warmly into this country, not to fret however, we have been very cautious with our application of repellent and taking our tablets. Dinner is nearly here and we hope to not spew it back up, but not to worry. Salili Brino Australian family and friends.

Chloe Hockley and Ashleigh Carr-White

 NB We will be travelling to Ndola tomorrow and do not expect to be able to connect to the internet in the evening, so Day 4 will be sent with Day 5.

Day 3 b

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