News and Events

International Food Fair

We are proud to bring you Swan Christian College's International Street Food Fair on Thursday 12 November at lunchtime. … more

Swan launches Cyber Safety Hub

We have partnered with Australia’s leading cyber safety experts, ySafe, to launch a Cyber Safety Hub. … more

Specialist AFL students welcome visitor

The Year 10 Specialist Australian Rules Football class welcomed Zac Fisher from the Carlton Football Club to the College. … more

Year 9 and 10 Elite Basketball Competition

22 of our Year 9/10 Basketball Specialist students headed to Warwick Stadium for the annual Elite Sports Basketball Competition. … more

'Very High' and 'Outstanding' results

Swan’s Year 9 Drama students all achieved in the ‘Very High’ and ‘Outstanding’ range. … more

Year 9 OLNA results 2020

This year’s OLNA results have been stunning with about 85% of students meeting most of the numeracy and literacy requirements for... … more

Year 7 Lightning Carnival

On Monday 19 October, the entire Year 7 cohort participated in the ACC Lightning Carnival. … more

Year 7 HASS classes study Ancient Rome

The Year 7 HASS classes have been studying Ancient Rome this term. … more

Swan Best Speaker

Students participated in the Swan Best Speaker competition. Students were asked to prepare a persuasive speech on a topic of their choosing. … more

Book your tickets today

Grizelina’s Gift opens next week in the Maali Mia Theatre. Book your tickets today so you don’t miss out! … more