News and Events

The 2018 Charity Ball

The 2018 Charity Ball was a great success. The Year 12 students all looked stunning and we are excited for their year ahead. … more

Year 9 Drama Production

As part of their drama course, the Year 9s had the pleasure to perform the play “Cinders” for the students at Junior School. … more

Important Dates Jan/Feb 2018

Important dates for January and February 2018 … more

ANYMAN - The Story of Addiction

Book your tickets now. Our very own Ms Jane Hille has been working very hard on this play that is dealing with the topic of addiction. … more

Year 7 Student Thinks Outside the Box

We have been learning about renewable and non-renewable energy and as part of our research task, I made a Pelton turbine and Stirling engine … more

Blackwood Relay Marathon

It was a cold and windy day as 13 students and five teachers left the College to race in the Blackwood Relay Marathon. … more

Augusta Adventure Race

It was a sunny but windy day as we left Swan Christian College at recess time to head down towards Augusta with 59 students (and 9 teachers) … more

Year 9 Transition

Last Wednesday was the culmination of the Year 9 Coming of Age program a symbolic handing over of the students from Middle to Senior School. … more

All School Triathlon

This year’s triathlon team was one of the strongest teams the College has ever taken to this annual event. … more

Telstra Kids Digital Explorer Kits Grant

The Information Technology teaching area is happy to announce that the College has received the Telstra Kids Digital Explorer kit grant. … more