News and Events

School Fees and Payment Schedules

As we approach the second half of Term 1, parents are encouraged to stay on top of their school fee payments and not fall behind. Swan... … more

Yearbook 2022 has arrived

Yearbook 2022 is here, printed and ready to be distributed to 2022 students next week! Yearbook 2022 is packed with memories and stories... … more

Midland and Airport Lines Shut Down

Parents whose children use the Midland or Airport Lines are encouraged to take note of the line closures between 31 March and 26 April 2023. … more

City of Swan Parking Program

As part of the City of Swan's parking program, patrols have been occurring and the City has completed educational visits to all schools... … more

Year 12s Snorkel their Way in Rottnest

After an early wake up call, students and teachers met at the Rottnest Ferry dock in Fremantle ready with snorkels and fins in hand on... … more

Students Fill Up at Breakfast Club

Breakfast club has been bustling this term with many students from Year 5-12 coming in and having some food to set them up for the busy... … more

Year 10s Master the Art of Cinnamon Donut Holes

During Week 4 Ms Joanna Walden took her Year 10 Food Technology class out on a camping cook up. When the class arrived at the classroom... … more

Renovations Ramp up for 2023

As the 2022 school year ended and things began to slow down for the summer break, the Swan Christian College Property Services team... … more

Media Students Film Drone Footage at The Vines

Some of our Year 9 and 10 Media students under Dr Owen Beck have been learning about drone videography and photography. They recently... … more

Charlie Chats about School and Life

Charlie's always on the lookout for people with good ideas to help students cope with school, and life in general. … more