News and Events

Fathering Project Reminder

Don't forget to RSVP to the launch of the Fathering Project at Swan Christian College, initiated by the College Parent Committee. … more

Year 5 2020 Enrolments

Our enrolments team is currently in the process of finalising enrolments for Year 5 2020. … more

Support Our Schools Program

Thank you to those who have been supporting Swan Christian College through the Support Our Schools program at Gilbert’s Fresh Market. … more

Challenge Your Brain

Please note that gourmet platters for our Quiz Night on Friday 14 June must be ordered by this Friday. … more

Swanonline Student Shines at Dance Comp

Congratulations to Year 11 Swanonline student Janaya who received the Senior Dancer Award at Revolution of Dance in Karratha. … more

Congratulations to Naomi

At Swan, we love to celebrate the success of our students. Naomi in Year 11 is one such student. … more

City of Swan Thanks Students

The City of Swan has reached out to Mr Hockley to thank our Year 9 students for their work during the recent Year 9 Community Service Day. … more

Congratulations to Ciara

Year 7 student Ciara has been selected in the Calisthenics Association of Western Australia’s (CAWA) State Team. … more

Learning from the Elderly

Students from Year 6 visited residents at the Regis Aged Care facility to find out what life was like “back in the day”. … more

Cross-Cultural Pen Pals

The Year 1 students have taken the first steps towards pen pal friendships with students at the Light Up Ahead school in Kantolomba, Zambia. … more