News and Events

Historical Excursion

The Year 1 students enjoyed a wonderful day at Peninsula Farm investigating life in Australia in the past. … more

Time to Celebrate

Please save the date for the 2017 Awards Night. … more

The Final Dress Rehearsal

Book your ticket for Fenceline Theatre Company‚Äôs very first production on Wednesday 8 November at 6:30pm. … more

Hosting Families Needed

We are hosting a group of Japanese students in late November and require host families to accommodate students. … more

Free Parent Fitness Sessions

No obligation, No cost. … more

Philippines Day A Memorable Day

The Junior School raised more than $15000 on Philippines Day and students had a lot of fun on the day. … more

EduDance Highlights Video

The EduDance showcase was phenomenal! The Maali Mia was packed out and there was a buzz in the air as the students performed their routines. … more

A Kind and Compassionate Heart

Year 6 student Kasey Scanlan was nominated for an award which recognises students who demonstrate compassion, integrity and kindness. … more

Congratulations to Chloe

The College is celebrating with Chloe who is now the Australian Children's Showjumping Champion! … more

Student Driver Agreement

As Swan Christian College is private property, students require the permission of Head of Senior School to drive vehicles onto the property. … more