21 Ways to Recharge During the Easter Break

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Easter is a time to reflect on the amazing sacrifice Jesus made for us, and to give thanks for the gift of eternal life. It is also the perfect time to rest and relax, after a long and busy school term. Enjoy some time with family and friends, and take the opportunity to get away and explore some new places. Spend some time in prayer and reading the Bible, and be sure to find time to relax and enjoy the Easter season.

Remember, the key to your wellness is you. Do what you need to do to look after yourself. Here are some ideas for you to try:

1. Make a fruit smoothie using your favourite fruit. Add some milk or yogurt to make it delicious! Or make a fruit kebab for a tasty snack!

2. Have a picnic in your garden. Invite others to share, or take your teddy bears with you.

3. Phone, FaceTime or write a letter to a friend. Tell them all your news. Ask them about theirs.

4. Go to the beach and make a mosaic out of objects you find.

5. Go for walk outside and enjoy your surroundings. Take in the sights and sounds and smells.

6. Lie down on the floor. Close your eyes. Focus on your breathing. Imagine you are somewhere amazing. What can you see, feel and hear?

7. Get out your bike or scooter or anything with wheels.

8. Host a karaoke night with your family or friends. Sing like no one is listening.

9. Spend time in the garden. Plant plants that make you happy. Pull out weeds. Make the area aesthetically pleasing.

10. Turn off school-related emails and notifications from your personal devices.

11. Plan a secret kindness mission for someone in your family. Choose a day to do something as a surprise to make them smile.

12. Do what needs to be done for next term in the first few days, then forget about work for the rest of the holidays.

13. Choose a recipe you have never made before and bake or cook something new. Have fun doing it.

14. Recharge. Rest when you can…even schedule in some nap time.

15. Make a playlist of your favourite songs and have a silent disco (or a loud one if you want). Dance by yourself. Dance with a loved one. Dance like no one is watching.

16. Clean up your social media. Unfollow negativity and follow accounts that promote positivity. Next time you log on it will be a healthier place to be.

17. Start a gratitude journal. Make a list of all the things you are grateful for.

18. It’s Easter. Eat the chocolate.

19. Do something that you love that you don’t normally have time for.
Treat yourself without guilt. Watch your favourite movie. Take a bubble bath. Do some retail therapy. Eat the ‘bad for you’ foods.

20. Take a blanket outside, lay down and gaze at the clouds. Think of all the shapes they make.

21. Spend time in nature. Appreciate God’s beautiful creation. Take photos of everything that catches your eye and takes your breath away.


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