Accelerated Reader Certificate Winners

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During the Learning@Home program, a number of our Year 7 students achieved certificates in the Accelerated Reader (AR) program.

Accelerated Reader is a structured reading program developed by Renaissance Learning for students to explore a range of books which have been carefully selected for inclusion in the school library. As part of the program, students borrow books and are encouraged to read them throughout the week in preparation for completing a comprehension quiz during class.  Quizzes may also be completed after school and on weekends.

Those receiving certificates included:

  • Brock T
  • Isaac B
  • Matthew B
  • Jeanuel A-P
  • Addison B
  • Alyssa d J
  • Kynan H-J
  • Kai H
  • Oliver M
  • Leona N
  • Isabelle B
  • Georgia R
  • Savanna K
  • Georgia R
  • Kayla S
  • Chloe B
  • Ria R
  • Luca M
  • Laura P
  • Joel P
  • Amelia W
  • Ellie B
  • Elizabeth B
  • Zara D
  • Alexis F
  • Lorraine G
  • Natalie H
  • Makayla M
  • Ella S
  • Katelyn C
  • Charlie R
  • Alexia K
  • Lachlan G
  • Chloe G
  • Georgia G
  • Lakiesha F
  • Savannah G
  • Hayley P
  • Orion T
  • Cooper W
  • Ella W
  • Jackson J
  • Rachael S
  • Meinhardt T
  • Shinella W
  • Lachlan B
  • Sebastian H
  • Nicola M
  • Jack H
  • Jorja B
  • Jack B
  • Oliver G
  • Charli K
  • Ava R
  • Liam H
  • Alyssa L C
  • Dalilla T

Well done to those students!


Mr Mark Grisham

Teacher Librarian



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