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The Principal, Mr Scott is pleased to announce the introduction of a new tie for Year 10 Senior School students, commencing in Week 1, Term 2.  

The tie is optional in 2017 for Years 11 and 12. From Term 2 2018, the tie will be compulsory for all Senior School students (Years 10-12). The new tie will replace the silver tie currently worn by the Year 12 cohort and the royal blue tie currently worn by Years 7-11. The royal blue tie will still be a compulsory uniform item for Middle School students (Years 7-9).

Why the change?

  • To distinguish students in the Senior School (including STTC students) from those in the Middle School.
  • To recognise the responsibility and leadership that is required in Senior School.

When will the change start for Year 10 students?

  • The first day of Term 2, Wednesday 27 April 2017.

Who will the change affect?

  • For Year 10 students the change will be compulsory from 27 April 2017.
  • For Year 11 students the purchase of the tie is optional in 2017.
  • Year 12 students are not required to purchase the tie this year. (Please note that the silver tie is out of stock and as such is not available for purchase.)
  • From Term 2 2018, the new design tie will be compulsory for all Senior School students (Years 10-12).

Why is there no changeover period for Year 10 students?

  • The tie is worn daily and is a low cost uniform item. 
  • Year 10 students will wear the tie for 3 years until they graduate.

What is the cost of the new tie?

If you have any concerns about the change, please contact me at the College – / 9374 8300

Mr Terry Eason
Head of Senior School

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