Bennett Warriors Chocolate Challenge

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In the lead up to Easter, the Year 7 students in Mentor Group Bennett 2, the Bennett 2 ‘Warriors’, launched the Chocolate Challenge. This competition involved families donating Easter goodies for a huge Easter basket.

The total cost was calculated secretly by Chief Warrior Owens based on ‘intel’ from parents. That number was then disclosed only to Mr Twine.

Students could then guess the total value of the Easter Basket (including all decorations and the basket itself) by choosing a dollar amount from the range offered. There were 80 opportunities to win, and each ‘go’ cost $1.

The Warriors then went from Mentor Group to Mentor Group offering opportunities to win. Warrior Hamish T went above and beyond by using his break times to sell guesses outside the Café. It was a fabulous effort and the Warriors sold all 80 places!

The Winner was Lily P, Year 11, who was able to take home the entire chocolate extravaganza!

The Bennett Warriors remain committed to raising as much money as possible to support students from Light Up Ahead school in Kantolomba, Zambia.

Go Bennett!


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