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The Year 7 students participated in the Salvation Army Beyond the Classroom program as part of their Community Service activities this term. The Salvation Army representative organised a range of activities to present, so students become aware of issues in our community such as homelessness and what The Salvation Army represents.

The students contributed items to the Salvation Army Winter Appeal, helping the organisation “transform lives this winter”. A collection box for contributions is located outside the Year 7 office at the College.


Responses from our Year 7 students:

“I liked that it was interactive, everyone was included, and you were able to ask a range of questions during the session. I would look at volunteering to support the Salvation in the future.” – Xavier P

“When the Salvation Army visited, I learned how bad it can be for people who are experience homelessness or rely on Centrelink. It made me realise how blessed me and my family are.” – Luca M

“I learned that we need to do something quick about homelessness in Australia. I enjoyed participating in the seminars and activities.” – Matthew H

“I think the Salvation Army visit was a great idea. I learned a lot about things I would not have thought about such as how people experiencing homelessness live, and the problems and issue they face. It was also fun.” – Oliver M

“I think that having the Salvation Army coming to Swan Christian College was a great experience. I think that we have learnt lots of valuable information and for us to get a different perspective of our world. It was great knowing that we could personally contribute to people who may not be as fortunate as us. We learnt have learnt about homelessness which makes us value what have. In the future I would like to help and donate the Salvation Army so that I can make a difference in our society.” – Layla B

“I think that learning about people who are having it rough is good because it tells us that there are more; we can do something to help out. I learned that homelessness is caused by domestic violence in family which is very sad, and that is why I want to do all I can to help out.” – Cerys O

“I loved this experience. It taught me some life skills. It was fun and interactive. I would have liked more sessions.” Leona N


Mrs Junnetta Spurgeon

Dean of Year 7


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