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Grizelina’s Gift opens next week in the Maali Mia Theatre. Book your tickets today so you don’t miss out!

Grizelina’s Gift is a play about a kingdom struggling with drought and a desperate king who hopes that his daughter’s marriage may help them all. Suitors come from far and wide bringing gifts to impress Grizelina, but none appear to do that. Her maids and servants believe she just likes opening presents. The kingdom is fast running out of food and although Prince Cornell tries to share a wonderous gift, Princess Grizelina is unimpressed. 

But we can’t tell you anymore….

It’s all too exciting and we want you to see it.

As with all my plays, there is a moral implicit. Grizelina’s Gift is about looking beyond the superficial.

Please come along and support the Junior School superstars!



Wednesday 11 November and Thursday 12 November at 7:15pm




Ms Jane Hille

Director Fenceline Theatre Company

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