Cambodia Day 3 – Monday

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Day 3: Monday:

By now everyone has settled in; the students are getting to know each other better and their personalities are really starting to show. At Friends Restaurant for dinner, Kaleb nicknamed one of the waiters ‘Noodle’, and had the table in tears of laughter as he told the extravagant (imaginary) story of how Noodle came to be. Peta swallowed a handful of chilli in exchange for somebody purchasing a gift at the markets for her. Balmik said ‘I think I’m going to melt’ at the sight of a cute child, and most of the boys made friends with some street kids who they each bought ice-cream for.

Going back to the beginning of the day, we started with a sing-a-long on the bus as we drove to Hagar. Here we learnt about what Hagar does in the Cambodian community, and the students had the opportunity to read about some real life stories of people who were taken in by Hagar. This experience was eye-opening for the students and it caused them to reflect on their own lives, as well as their purpose for attending the missions trip.

After visiting Hagar we indulged in some delicious cupcakes at a cake shop run by Hagar clients. Later that night we visited a shopping mall where we had dinner at a place where we were able to cook our own meals at our tables. We then took a ride on the tuk tuks on the way home, and the kids thoroughly enjoyed this experience. The night finished with a stroll along the river followed by some extremely large servings of ice-cream!

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