Cambodia Day 9

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Day 9 Sunday:

Sunday is the day we travelled to Siem Reap. We prepared for the 5 hours bus journey by stocking up on snacks at the local supermarket. Some were well prepared and purchased plenty of fruit, sandwich supplies, and even cups, cereal, milk and spoons….while others were more concerned with feeding their craving for sugar, and stocked up on everything that could make a person fidgety on a long bus ride!

Luckily we were able to have a pit-stop and stretch our legs, although this wasn’t as easy as it sounds for some. Our pit-stop was at a market where the local people sell fried tarantulas. The tarantulas are considered a delicacy by the Cambodian people, although some of our students couldn’t disagree more!

Whilst at the tarantula market, many of the students had the opportunity to hold one of these giant spiders. Some ran in the opposite direction as fast as their legs could carry them, although most were willing to give it a go.

After our pit-stop it was back on the bus for a couple more hours until we eventually arrived at the Royal Crown Hotel in Siem Reap. We had a quick look at the hotel, then headed into town to do some cooking classes, where we learned about the ingredients and techniques used to cook traditional Khmer food. We each got to wear our very own chef’s outfit, and each person was able to choose a starter and a main dish to cook, which we then ate for dinner. Everybody did a really great job, and the food was delicious!

Back at the hotel the students had a quick cool off in the swimming pool, then it was off to bed for a nice rest before the big day ahead tomorrow.

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