Code Camp 2022 Early Bird Registration

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Code Camp is excited to be back at Swan Christian College in 2022 with their fun and engaging after-school coding program for Term 1 starting Wednesday 2 February 2022, running from 3:15pm – 4:30pm.

Participating students in Years 4-6 (2022) will design games, jam-packed with awesome features including, zombies, invisibility cloaks, and so much more. And then the real fun begins, as they use coding and logic, from drag and drop to JavaScript, to connect all the elements and bring their games to life!

The Code Camp after-school curriculum is designed to ensure that all children progress in their learning and advance their coding knowledge week to week. It caters to the variety of abilities within the classroom. There are always new features and concepts to learn which your child will love.

Plus…DC Super Heroes are back at Code Camp after-school for Term 1! Your child can now design, code and create their own Batman, Wonder Woman or Superman game.

Code Camp will be hosting their popular Kahoot trivia quiz each week.


Early Bird Registration

To enrol your child, visit There is an Early Bird sale running for the next two weeks using the code AutumnEB15.

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

Enrolment Enquiry

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