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On Monday 22 November at 7:00pm we will be gathering at Swan Christian College as a learning community to celebrate the 2021 College year.

This is an opportunity for us to celebrate the achievements of our individual students, music ensembles and sporting events. This year, we will be celebrating in the Swan Centre (gymnasium) which will provide a sense of familiarity and belonging as a community.
A highlight will be showcasing our performing arts students while various creative works and sporting events will be celebrated through the power of high-definition video. And of course, we will celebrate the individual academic, service and citizenship awards achieved by our students. This is always a very special event that allows our students and teachers to share with parents and other family members the extraordinary place to which we all belong, Swan Christian College.

All students from Years 5-11 are expected to attend. Siblings, family, friends and 2021 Year 12 graduates are all invited to join us in this celebration. As this is a formal College occasion, all students in Years 5-11 must wear full Winter Uniform with their College tie and blazer.

Parents, siblings, guests and students will all require a ticket for planning purposes.

Booking details were emailed home to current Swan Christian College parents on Tuesday 2 November. Paper invites will be handed to students this week.

I am looking forward to welcoming you and your family at the College to celebrate the exemplary achievements of our students this year.


Mr Adrian Scott­

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