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At Swan Christian College we are committed to being an improvement focused school. We recognise that we don’t always get things right however we are committed to listening and learning. The College also acknowledges the value of building community with parents/guardians and wants to establish this as a natural part of our culture. To achieve this, it is important that all members of our community work positively and cooperatively together and make use of the systems that have been implemented for effective communication.

If a parent/guardian has a concern or wants to provide the College with constructive criticism, the best person to contact is the staff member most closely connected to the issue, or a staff member that you feel comfortable speaking to. To assist parents/guardians in determining who you should speak to regarding a variety of issues, the College has published a document called Procedure for Parent Communication with the College which can be found on SEQTA Engage under Documents.

If a parent/guardian wishes to lodge a formal complaint, you can do so by emailing our Complaints Manager directly at The College has published our Concerns and Complaints Management Procedure on SEQTA Engage, the purpose of this procedure is to provide a pathway to resolve complaints and grievances in a way that is respectful to all parties involved and affords procedural fairness.

It is also important that our students have a voice and the opportunity to raise concerns and complaints, to this end in 2019, the College launched a Child Friendly Complaints Procedure which is also located on SEQTA. Students from Year 3 and over are familiar with this procedure and from time to time it has been used.

Positive feedback is also an important part of our communication within the College community. Staff welcome positive feedback to affirm those things we are doing well and recognise those who are going above and beyond what is expected. The Procedure for Parent Communication with the College is also the appropriate way to ensure that your positive feedback reaches and encourages the appropriate person.


Mr Terry Eason
Deputy Principal

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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