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Students will have their annual College photos taken on the following days in Term 2:


Year group

Photo Day

Year 11 and 12

Friday 12 June, Period 5 and 6 (Week 7 of Term 2)

Year 12 Fun Photo

Friday 12 June (Leavers Jackets required) – TBC

Year 7 – Year 10

Monday 15 June (Week 8 of Term 2)

STTC Year 11 and 12

Monday 15 June (Week 8 of Term 2)
This will be full-length photo made available to purchase online after photo day.

Junior School

Tuesday 16 June

Students will be advised about their allocated time for their photos through Daily Notices.

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, no traditional group/class photos will be taken this year. Parents will still be able to order composite group photos (students’ individual photographs combined into a group).
How to order your photos

  • Your child will receive a personalised order envelope during Mentor Group / in class tomorrow morning.  
  • Your child must bring this envelope to school on Photo Day (for identification purposes), even if you are not intending to order any photos. Junior School students need to return their envelope to their class teacher before their Photo Day.
  • Photos can be ordered online through Fotoworks. The access key is printed on the envelope. 

Sibling photos 
Sibling photos will be taken in the Gym on Monday 15 June and Tuesday 16 June from 7:30am to 8:30am only.
Sibling photos need to be ordered prior to Monday 15 June.
To do this, please pick up a sibling photo order envelope from Student Services and return the envelope with full payment to Student Services prior to Photo Day.
Sibling photos are for College students only; other family members or friends are not able to be included in sibling photos.
Dress code
On the day, please ensure correct winter uniform is worn. Where students do not conform to uniform requirements, they may not be allowed to have their photo taken. Hair should be neat and tidy, must be styled behind the ears and conform with the College’s uniform policy. Please avoid high or side ponytails, as these will have to be cropped from the photographs.  
Please refer to the College Uniform Guide to ensure your child wears correct winter uniform on the day. The guide can be downloaded at:
Student Leadership Team photo
The Student Leadership Team photos (Junior School and Senior Scool) will be composite group photos this year (students’ individual photographs combined into a group).
Trade Training Centre students
STTC photos will be taken in full trade uniform on Monday 15 June.
Photo permissions
All student will be photographed for College ID purposes, even if you choose not to order any photos.
Should you have any queries please contact the College Administration on 9374 8300.

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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