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Year 10 student Hayden has become Australia’s youngest Licensed Pilot, on his 16th birthday!

Hayden took his first solo flight in a Cessna 152 two-seater plane shortly after his 15th birthday, passed his theory exam in May this year and completed about 30 hours in the air, almost double the number of hours required to pass the test.

As a result of the media attention that Hayden received after obtaining his Recreational Pilots License, he was offered the opportunity to visit a Flight Training Centre in WA and try out the flight simulator. On top of that, he won a $5000 flying scholarship through the Royal Aero Club of WA, where he takes his lessons. Hayden has been working very hard to fund his lessons with an instructor, costing about $350 per flight, by designing websites, stuffing cushions and assembling flat pack furniture. He has shown true initiative and is a very worthy recipient of the scholarship.

Please join us in congratulating Hayden on this outstanding achievement!

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