Dogs Not Permitted on College Grounds

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The College would like to remind parents that dogs are not to be brought onto College premises. This includes tied up on the back of utes or on back seats of cars during pick up times.

Large dogs in cars or on the back of utes are often right at face height, a potential hazard for parents and students alike.

As per Swan Christian Education Association (SCEA)’s dog policy, “dogs are prohibited to be on any part of Association property (whether they are leashed or otherwise controlled) except where: The CEO/School Principal has provided permission for the dog to be on school property; or the dog is a registered guide dog/assistance dog and is being controlled by a person who is blind/deaf or partially blind/disabled to assist them with that disability. Note: Under these provisions, guide/assistance dogs are required to be on a leash always.”


Mr Scott Puzey
Head of Junior School

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