Duke of Edinburgh Award and Journey Program for Year 9 Students

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At Swan Christian College we believe that every child is created in the image of God and is intended to have a life filled with purpose and meaning – Genesis 1:26 and Ephesians 2:10. 

Adolescents need guidance in their journey towards adulthood and they need good role models. Young people yearn for positive values and meaning in their lives and the media can no longer be trusted to provide these and guide our children in a healthy way. Our culture is mostly devoid of any ceremony which encourages our teens to transition into adulthood and in the absence of these rites of passage they can make their own, resulting in extreme risk-taking behaviour.

For these reasons, Swan Christian College has given special priority to our Year 9 students and have invested in offering programs that will focus on young people’s needs during this important transition.

Duke of Edinburgh Award
This internationally recognised award is optional for Year 9 students. The award is designed to develop the character of our young people as they take risks, demonstrate commitment and explore the world around them. Most of the hours required to satisfy the award can be done through the existing extra curricula programs offered by the College or they can be fulfilled through outside organisations. For more information about the award go to http://www.dukeofedwa.org.au/.

Journey Program
We have designated time, resources and a team of experienced staff to lead the Journey Program. The range of activities and topics covered this year will challenge the students to look beyond themselves and their fixation with technology, and consider what it means to be mature, healthy adults who live the fulfilled lives that God intended.

The Journey Program will involve a weekly group session where the students will explore topics such as: Honouring Family, Identity, Honesty, Forgiveness, Anger Management, Teamwork, Commitment, Friendship, Peer Pressure, Manners, Social Networking, Romance,  Beliefs, Happiness, Taking Responsibility, Gratitude, Leadership, Dealing with Change etc.

Term 3 will involve a Challenge Day and Community Service Day. On the Challenge Day students are exposed to a series of challenges designed to develop leadership, teamwork, relational skills and instilling confidence. Activities will include: high ropes, abseiling, team building, problem solving, flying fox, commando course, archery and mountain biking.

The Community Service Day is an opportunity for our Year 9’s to give back to the world. It involves activities such as: preparing meals for the homeless, gardening for pensioners, cleaning up homes for families in crisis and tree planting.

Term 4 will see year students participating in a three-day camp, which involves sleeping in tents, planning and preparing their own meals, hiking, canoeing, mountain biking and orienteering. Parents and other close friends and family members are also invited to join in a celebration of the growth and achievements made by the Year 9 students throughout the year. This will involve a meal and a sunset ceremony to acknowledge this important transition in our students lives.

This year is packed with opportunities and experiences that will get the children out of their comfort zone and encourage them to build friendships, develop teamwork and grow in leadership skills. These programs will give them space to reflect on who they are and think about the character attributes they want to take with them as they transition into responsible adulthood.

For more information about the journey program or the Duke of Edinburgh award please contact Ray Hockley, raymond.hockley@scea.wa.edu.au.

Mr Ray Hockley
Head of Service Learning


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