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2016/2017 Entertainment Books will be available for sale from the College again soon. To take advantage of the additional $230 worth of additional offers, order your new membership before 4 May 2016.

Memberships sell for $65, with $13 from each sale donated to Swanmissions.

The Entertainment™ Book gives you access to thousands of up to 50% off and 2-for-1 offers for Perth’s best restaurants, cafés, attractions and more. Plus it offers the best in market prices for thousands of hotels, resorts, car rentals, theme parks, groceries, petrol and shopping that you can use whenever you like until 1 June 2017.

Plus, new this year when you purchase a Perth Entertainment™ Membership, you will also have offers to more than 30 of the best restaurants, attractions and accommodation that Bali has to offer.

The Entertainment™ Books are available as a Book (with a gold card and vouchers), or as a Digital Membership that puts all the offers in the Book on your smartphone to redeem at the touch of a button.

Memberships will be available in May, however, pre-order today to receive up to $200 in Early Bird Offers that you can use straight away!

Click here to download the order form.

ORDER ONLINE AT www.entbook.com.au/8330s3, or order from Senior School Admin.

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