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On Tuesday 16 March the Year 4 and 6 students took part in the World of Maths incursion, an annual event that engages all of the children in some interesting, challenging, and just plain fun maths games.

The students needed to use their spatial awareness, engineering ‘smarts’ and even their good old times tables skills to work as a team and make their way through about 20 different activities. It was an energetic and enthusiastic morning as we spent time sharpening our maths skills.

“The hardest one was ‘Match Up’ because you had to match the blocks. I really enjoyed it though.” – Savannah (Year 4)

“I enjoyed doing all the Math games and I enjoyed playing the peg game where we had to guide the golf ball through a forest of pegs.” – Mikayla (Year 4)

“I found ‘Tiler’ really hard, but it was really fun.” – Alexander (Year 4)

“The ‘Farmer Joe’ game was really challenging and the ‘Into Gears’ game too, but they were both a lot of fun!” – Ava (Year 4)

“I found the ‘Zoo Excursion’ easy because I am good with directions.” – Lilly (Year 4)

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