Free Dress Day on Friday

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The College is holding a Casual for a Cause Day this Friday. To participate students are required to make a gold coin donation.

Casual Dress Day Requirements: 

  • dress is to be modest 
  • no ripped jeans
  • no skin-tight clothing, for example jeggings or sport tights
  • no singlet or halter neck tops or dresses for girls 
  • no offensive slogans and/or images on any clothing 
  • no bare midriffs 
  • no thighs showing (skirts, dresses and shorts to touch the knees) 
  • a little make-up and jewellery 
  • closed-in footwear is required 
  • for Science, Home Economics and Technology, the student’s hair is to be tied back, jewellery removed 
  • normal Physical Education uniform is required for Physical Education classes, and hospitality uniforms for hospitality students


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