Godspell Great Success

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What a great pleasure it was to work with so many talented students and staff. Major school productions require an army of people to bring them to fruition and Godspell has been no exception.

I am so pleased with the commitment the leads have given to this show, learning their lines and songs throughout the term, and for the work the ensemble has done to learn their parts without scripts. Most of the students have attended at least two rehearsals a week, which is what is required when a show such as this has many components. For their time and talent, we are all very grateful.

I would like to thank Mr Andrew Raymond, Mr William Vasiu, Mr Karl Dietrich, Mrs Carmen Vasiu and the rock band for sharing their gifts and talents with us, and for bringing to life musically the story of Jesus. I would also like to thank Miss Kara Beatty and the dance ensemble for the pizazz the choreography added to this stage performance. To Miss Mona Oetting and Miss Evelyn Tan who have worked diligently to create the artwork associated with the show, for their communication and marketing skills we are very grateful. They enrich our work to look extremely professional. To Mrs Kylie Bullard and Mrs Natalee Friend for their ongoing superior event management talents, that enable an event such as this to run so smoothly. Finally, I would like to acknowledge and thank our Principal and Head of Performing Arts Mr Adrian Scott, whose passion for an Arts based culture here at Swan Christian College enables us all.

This colourful musical production was defined by many things, not least of which is the magnificent sculpture designed and meticulously constructed by Mr Clive Smith. Reinterpreting Godspell for a contemporary audience set in the Swan Valley required a metonymic design that would symbolically represent who and where we are. Culturally and contextually relevant to our students and the wider community.

The show represented us, in a way, as Christians. It is the story of Jesus according to the Gospel of Matthew, the messages Jesus came to share with us all, albeit 2000 years ago. The audience go to see young people using their God given gifts and talents to share what is essentially our core belief.

It was both a privilege and an honour and I hope all of you who came enjoyed this as much as we have during rehearsals.

Thank you for your support.

Ms Jane Hille

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