High School Musical Tickets On Sale Now

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Tickets for the highly anticipated High School Musical Production are on sale now! Book your tickets and pre-order your dinner now by clicking on the following link: http://scea.me/highschool2023

80 students between Years 5 and 12 will enthral audiences in the Maali Mia Theatre between 28 March and 1 April 2023.

Delicious food and refreshments prepared by the Swan Christian College Hospitality Students will be available each night before the show for you to enjoy. 


Pre-order your dinner before the show

Chicken Katsu burger with chips – Warm grilled buttered brioche bun filled with crunchy 7-spice katsu chicken, sesame coleslaw, tonkatsu BBQ sauce, kewpie mayo, pickled cucumber & daikon – $9.00 (Pre-order) or $12.00 (On the night)
Grilled lemongrass Pork noodle salad – Sliced warm grilled pork steak w/ fresh herbs, noodles, lettuce & pickles. Nuoc cham, roast peanuts & fried shallots – $9.00 (Pre-order) or $12.00 (On the night)
Caramelized sweet garlic tofu noodle salad (vegetarian) – Pan fried marinated tofu w/ fresh herbs, noodles, lettuce & pickles. Vegetarian Nuoc cham, roast peanuts & fried shallots – $9.00 (Pre-order) or $12.00 (On the night)
Popcorn Chicken with Chips (Children Under 12 Only) – $6.00 (Pre-order) or $9.00 (On the night)
Book your tickets and pre-order your food now by clicking on the following link – http://scea.me/highschool2023


What is the musical about?

High School Musical is about Troy Bolton, the star athlete at a small-town high school, who falls for nerdy beauty Gabriella Montez at a holiday karaoke party. When they return to campus, Troy and Gabriella audition for the upcoming school musical. The two must struggle to make it to auditions while also meeting their existing obligations to the basketball team and the academic decathlon.


Follow the journey to the production by following @Fencelinetheatre on Instagram.

Thank you for being so supportive and we look forward to seeing you at High School Musical.

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