Introducing SEQTA and Consent2Go

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Swan Christian College is proud to partner with two innovative Western Australian companies to improve the learning outcomes of our students. Both the SEQTA suite and Consent2Go will help reduce administration time for teachers, giving them more time to concentrate on students and their learning outcomes. 

The College would like to thank families for their patience with the implementation of SEQTA and Consent2Go. 

SEQTA Learn, Engage and Teach

SEQTA is an all-in-one learning management system enabling parents and teachers to better engage in the well-being and learning of our students. The SEQTA suite is comprised of three sections: SEQTA Teach for teachers, SEQTA Learn for students and SEQTA Engage for parents and guardians.

Information regarding student and parent/guardian logins will be emailed home over the coming weeks.

  • SEQTA Learn allows our students to see their assessment schedule, course outlines and, importantly, all their assessment results, including their academic reports. 
  • SEQTA Engage provides parents with quantitative and qualitative feedback provided by teachers to help you support your child in their classroom. The SEQTA Engage parent portal contains timetables, some lesson information, all assessments and results. There will also be task specific feedback available on some assessment items, aimed at giving students and families the immediate next steps for improvement. The amount of lesson information will increase over time to the point that if your child is absent from school they will be able to log in and find the lessons they missed, complete with the resources used in class.
  • SEQTA Teach facilitates teacher planning and administration. As the system is intuitive and user-friendly it reduces the amount of administration time for teachers freeing them up to focus on student learning and wellbeing. The quantitative and qualitative information that teachers can access allows for both early intervention and to celebrate successes. Teachers have been working toward having a variety of information available to parents when it is opened up for them.


  • Consent2Go streamlines College excursion workflows freeing up teachers from administrative duties to focus on student learning and wellbeing. The College took the opportunity to update our records using Consent2Go and received over 1000 changes which are currently being processed.
  • Consent2Go relies on the College having correct parent/guardian email addresses on record. Please advise the College administration of any changes to emails immediately. 


Thank you for your patience, we look forward to our continuing partnership. 

God bless


Mr Terry Eason

Deputy Principal


Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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