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Day 11

We started the day really early at 5.45AM.  We had a quick breakfast so that we could hit the road before 7AM. The hour long drive watching the sunrise was a great way to wake up properly. We caught a boat ride to the other side of the river where we reached No Man’s Land and went through customs to arrive in Botswana! We had a good laugh at our Zambia Mission Trip Applications in the part where we had to write about why we wanted to come. I think that what we thought it would be like was completely different to what it actually has been like. I personally thought that we were going to make a massive impact on the community but it has turned out that this trip has impacted  us more than we thought it would.

The first safari we went on was on a boat and we were so excited. We saw crocodiles, hippos, elephants, water buffalos and an array of birds and lizards. We were also extremely fortunate to see rare lions in the far distance. This safari went for 3 hours before we went back to the lodge where we had boarded. It was 12.30PM by now and we were starving, but we were very happy to know that there was an all you can eat buffet at the flash lodge that had such delicious food!

After we ate the most amazing food, we got on jeeps and went on a safari, it was so amazing we saw about 7 lions in the distance, heaps of elephants, giraffe, more hippos we got so close to some of the elephants, we saw some of them playing in the mud and there were so many baby elephants. After the safari we were driven in the jeeps to immigration and had to show our passports. We then were taken by boat back to Zambia and, a lot of Zambian people were trying to sell us their wood carvings, and were trying to get us to trade our things for the wood carvings. We then had an hour drive back to Fawlty towers and started packing. For dinner we had pizzas from the Italian restaurant and the left over pizzas a few of us gave it to people sitting on the street.  

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