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Over the month of May the year six students will all attend an excursion to the Regis Aged Care facility. Their task is to interview the residents about their life stories and what their careers and Australian life was like back in the day.

These visits are a part of the Service Learning Program at Swan which seeks to expose each of our students to activities which allow them to serve our world around them. The students are enriched through developing their understanding of people, their struggles, and the contribution that they have made to society.

Below are reflections by some the students who attended the Regis visit with Mr Smith’s English class:

“I learned a lot of things from the Regis Centre visit. Elderly people have lots of things to talk about. You need to listen really carefully to them.”  Zavier P

“My visit to Regis age care centre was awesome. I enjoyed talking to the residents of the age care centre, they were very interesting and fun to talk to. I learned about what they did as their job and how Australia has changed over the years. All of the residents we talked to were amazing and very entertaining. I would love to do it again!” Erin M

“My visit to Regis aged Care Centre was full of learning experiences. I learned so much about what life was like in the past. Australia has changed so much since the early 1900s. I reckon that the residents at Regis should get more visitors to talk to about the past.” Samara T 

“It was a great experience listening to the people share their interesting stories of the past. I would go again in a heartbeat to listen to more remarkable stories about Australia’s past.” Ciara M

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