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As part of their Service Learning program, students from Year 6 visited residents at the Regis Aged Care facility to find out what life was like “back in the day”.

Students met with the residents, who graciously took the time to tell our students all about their lives. Our students enjoyed the very wide range of stories and recollections.

This visit was also part of a Compare and Contrast project in English. Students will have the same discussions with their parents and then answer the same questions for themselves. The result will be a comparison piece covering three generations.

Our thanks to Regis for allowing us to visit and congratulations to the students on their excellent behaviour.


“On Thursday, 23 May, 6C went to Regis Aged Care, where we learned about what life was like in their day. I learned a lot about what jobs they did and where they came from, I also learned about some of their experience with technology. They loved having us and it was a great experience.” – by Alexis F

“On Thursday my class went to Regis, an aged care facility, where I learned lots about what it was like living in the past. The people there were great and were very friendly. They loved having us there and it was a great experience.” – by Jesi-Ann D

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