Little Samurais Learn About Japan

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What an amazing morning we had in Kindy B recently! Mrs Madzivire and Mrs Kinnunen came and shared with us more about Japan.

We met Jacob who is a Samurai warrior. He showed us his blunt katana (sword) and we watched the First Kata. He also showed us his first Katana which is made of wood and called a Bokutou. Children can start learning to be a Samurai from the age of 3.

We were able to taste a Choco-banana and a Japanese cookie with Red Bean inside of it.

We learn about Kimonos. They are worn for formal occasions likes weddings, parties and coming of age ceremonies. There is special training involved to learn how to wear a Kimono correctly. There is a summer outfit called a Yukata. Mrs Kinnunen was wearing this. It can only be worn in summer to respect the seasons.

The students learnt about Origami and had a go at making some that makes a noise when you flick it.

They were also interested in Ninjas. Ninjas can hide, jump, spin and run on roofs. They have special training.

What a wonderful experience.

Mrs Catherine Harris

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