Obento Lunch Day

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The Year 5 and Year 6 Japanese students have been exploring various aspects of Japanese food culture this term, including a special Obento Lunch Day on Friday 23. 

Volunteers participated in a taste-test game where they were told to close their eyes and guess what they were fed (which was either soy sauce, pickled ginger, green tea, seaweed, wasabi or Japanese biscuits). 

The students then had to construct a sentence in Japanese to describe the flavour of the food to their classmates. After this, students practiced using chopsticks and finished the class with ‘ramen exercises’ (a dance-exercise based around eating ramen).

After lots of anticipation, Ohnamiya restaurant delivered Bento Boxes for lunch time to Year 5 and Year 6 students who sat down together and enjoyed trying out the food, with some excitedly trying things for the first time.

The students in 6A helped the Ohnamiya staff with delivering the Bento Boxes to different classes and presented a card and a small gift to the owner of the restaurant, thanking her for all her hard work in preparation for the day. 

It was an enjoyable and exciting day for all students involved. A big thank you to Sija from Ohnamiya for all her help creating the Bento, and to Mrs Chelsea Barrera for aiding in collecting the orders and money for us.

Miss Aviana Francis
Japanese Teacher


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