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Mr Clive Smith is seeking expressions of interest from students in Years 5-7 who would like to attend a paddling course during the next school holidays.

The course will be run by the WA Paddle Academy in conjunction with the Ascot Kayak Club. As places are limited, the first 20 students to contact Mr Smith will be given a spot.

When: Monday 15 April – Thursday 18 April 2019

Where: Ascot Kayak Club, Garvey Park Ascot

Time: 8:00am – 9:30am (first session), 8:00am – 9:00am remaining sessions

Cost: $100 for the four-session course if 15 students express interest, $75 for the course if 20 students express interest

What students will learn: Paddling skills, technique and safety.

What to bring: All paddling equipment will be provided. Students will need a hat, drink bottle, sunscreen, old pair of sports shoes or booties, clothes that can get wet and a change of dry clothes to change into.

How to apply: Please send an email to to register for the course.

This could be the start of an exciting adventure, opening up new horizons for those keen to take the first stroke!

Kayaking and canoeing are sports that hold potential for life-long enjoyment. Whether it be going for a cruise on a still misty river, battling the whitewater of a wild river or smashing the blades in a State, National or even Olympic sprint competition, this sport can be full of reward and satisfaction.

It is an Olympic sport that is accessible through our local clubs and Swan Christian College has several teachers and students that have excelled in a range of kayaking disciplines, even to international levels. We have access to Ex-Olympians through our local clubs who are always searching for future champions to train.

At our Senior and Middle School, opportunities presently exist to advance students’ skills and continue through to Year 12, representing the College by competing at high levels in races such as the Augusta Adventure Race and the Blackwood Marathon. Swan Christian College regularly places very highly in these events and we have students who place well in State Sprint, Marathon and Slalom events.

For more information about this opportunity, please contact Mr Clive Smith on the College number or via email at

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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