Philippines Impact Trip Post 4

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“Tuesday was a hot day and a full workday. At the Masa Ati school, the tradies pulled down the metal wall frames and replaced them throughout the day by cutting and welding new frames. We also began putting the boards up around the outside of the classroom. The day ended late after a game of basketball with the kids and then some students proceeded to go and give food to the community.” – Ryan D

“Today we went out and started to make the support beams for the roof at the school. It was quite a struggle getting it all square but we are getting there, step by step. We then went to the beach for a quick swim. Later we headed home for a very quick shower and had massive pizzas for dinner.  In the evening we sang some songs. That’s pretty much it in a nutshell.” – Hunter S


Hello mother and father and sister. We are all still alive. Today we went to Jubilee and we were laying bricks to make walls in a classroom. We all sweated so much, it was pretty hot and humid. I then went and helped the metal boys do the support beams. We came home for a swim and had massive pizzas. Day 5 done.” – Rhys H 


“Hi family, it’s so humid it’s not funny but today I started the arts and craft program that I have been working on for a decent while. To see the kids running around on a sugar high with biscuits and pipe cleaner glasses was very rewarding. So thank you to the guys who helped out with that. We went and did a feeding clinic this arvo and I left both happy and sad. As I was scooping spoonfuls of noodles onto these kids plate, I was looking at their bamboo homes, looking at how happy they were to receive a meal in itself. Stuff like this puts life into perspective. Day 5 is done. Tomorrow we go back to Masa Ati.” – Samara B


“Day 5, already, we have done so much. The students have been working on different projects from welding to craft making, tutoring to sports activities, remodelling classrooms to icing biscuits. No matter how big or small the task each student has contributed. Two highlights for me today was going to Suong, a small village where we were able to participate in the feeding program. The second was when we were all singing songs around the table after dinner. Go team!” – Mrs Spurgeon

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