School Holiday Program at Swan Christian College

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We are pleased to advise that Camp Australia will be offering a one-week childcare program during the upcoming school holidays from 19-23 July at Swan Christian College.

The school holiday program was initiated following a parent survey that gave parents the opportunity to express their interest. Parents expressed that they would value being able to send their children to a school holiday program in a safe and familiar environment.

Based on the very positive parent feedback, we anticipate that this program will be highly sought after and recommend registering as soon as possible.

Camp Australia’s school holiday program includes games, crafting activities and themed projects.

This year’s program will include a workshop to build a neon light frame and a circus incursion!

To register for one or all of the days of the program, please visit Please refer to the flyer below for further information.

*Government childcare subsidies are available for eligible families.

Please click on the following link to download the How to access Parent Lounge document:

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