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Netball is all about working as a team, even when you are losing by 20 goals it means you keep trying till the end. Sometimes you win and your hard work pays of, other times you lose.

However, when I lost, I didn’t feel upset, I was proud of our team. We all gave as much as we could offer, and I was glad to be with girls that would push limits to take one for the team.

It was a fun school day of being able to do something a little different, seeing old netball friends or making new ones and being in an unfamiliar team, most of which were Year 9s, 10s and one awesome Year 8 (shout-out to Holly Fewster).

Winning is good but so is losing. Thanks netball, for giving something I enjoy and love so much and for being able to share the sport with people around me.

We had some great wins, one of which was 17-3! And two losses: the last and final game was a real challenge, but I know each and every one of us has learnt so much from it.

Thanks to all the people who made it possible, Ali Styles, the team, Mr Tweedie and Swan Christian College for allowing us to compete.

– written by Boudene Huckle, Year 9


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