Sleepout for the Homeless

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This Friday night, staff and students from Swan Christian College will be sleeping out under the stars to raise money and awareness of homelessness.

During the night, students will learn about homelessness from the Salvation Army who will give a talk on the topic. The goal is to raise $600 for the Salvation Army to help them address homelessness in our community.

Thanks to relationships formed on a recent College trip to Coolgardie, our students will be joined by 21 students from the Christian Aboriginal Parent Directed School (CAPS) in Coolgardie who will take part in the night’s program (which will also include some games and toasting of some marshmallows).

The College has been running an annual ‘Sleepout for the Homeless’ for 11 years and has raised over $6000 towards providing help for the homeless people in this time.

The event supplements the College’s ‘Super Soupers’ program which provides around 200 liters of soup to the Salvation Army, and through them to many homeless people in Perth.

If you would like to make a donation towards the Sleepout for the Homeless fundraiser or the College’s Super Soupers program, please contact Ray Hockley at


Mr Ray Hockley

Head of Service Learning

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